HR Policy Committee

The HR Policy Committee consists of a variety of professionals, leaders, and union employees to collaborate and navigate through workplace policy development, implementation, review, and updates.

The HR Policy Committee meets on the 1st Friday of each month.

                                                                           Committee Members

Chair: Samantha L. Wilson, BSPsy. - Acting CHRO
Clerk: Dana Lawes, HR Administrative Assistant
  • Samantha Wilson - Assistant HR Director
  • Sharyn Riley - City Auditor
  • Marie Laflamme - City Treasurer
  • Andrew Vernon - Chief Information Officer
  • Elizabette Batista - DPW Superintendent
  • John Beaulieu - Assistant to the DPW Superintendent
  • Sherry Manyak - COA Director
  • Anna Maria Hamblin - Retirement Director
Are you interested in participating?

Contact the Department of Human Resources at 413-594-1483.