The City of Chicopee Facilities Department is tasked with upkeep and maintenance of the following City Properties: City Hall, City Hall Annex, Old Central Library, Chicopee Central Library, Public Safety Complex, Rivermills Council On Aging, Veterans Affairs and Community Development Building, C3 Police Substations, Fire Stations, and vacated school buildings. 

Facilities Department

 Our staff are responsible for all preventative maintenance on these properties as well as emergency maintenance repairs, special projects, landscaping, snow removal and janitorial. Staff are assigned to specific buildings to handle daily upkeep of properties.  Our department is following thru with the mayor’s clean city initiative by improving the cleanliness of all city properties as well as a vigorous preventative maintenance and cleaning schedule. The facilities department will be implementing a preventative maintenance and work order program for all City Properties as well as an asset management system in the coming year.