Unauthorized Discharge Notifications Page

The City of Chicopee Water Pollution Control System is regulated by the EPA's NPDES Program. The NPDES Permit held by the City went into effect on 2/1/2022. This permit requires that information on unauthorized discharges be posted to a publicly available website where it shall remain for a minimum of 12 months. 

Incident 1- 4/16/2022

Location and Description of Discharge: CSO Outfall 003- Connecticut River- Across the street from House #3 Syrek Street

Estimated volume: Unknown volume. Pipe was flowing approx 8" width by 0.5" depth

Start Date & Time:4/16/2022 6:30AM

Duration: 75 minutes

Ongoing?: Not ongoing. Pipe was cleared at 7:45AM and discharge ceased. 

Incident 2- 4/27/2022

Location and Description of Discharge: CSO Outfall 007- Connecticut River- End of Jones Ferry Road

Estimated volume: 1000 gallons

Start Date & Time: 4/27/2022 12:42PM

Duration: 8 minutes

Ongoing?: Not ongoing

Incident 3- 9/22/22

Location and Description of Discharge: Chicopee WPCF 80 Medina Street

Estimated volume: 5000 gallons

Start Date & Time: 9/22/2022 8:30AM

Duration: 10 minutes

Ongoing?: Not ongoing