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White Mountains & Mount Rushmore

Welcome from your Travel Club planners. As we continue to complete the Open events for the remainder of 2022, our thoughts are beginning to focus on planning for 2023 events: Reinstating the yearly big trip (Cancelled because of virus for the last three years), increasing the number of multiple-day events, and continuing to schedule popular past and new daily events. We will reinstate inviting selected Travel agents to the Senior Center to allow them to showcase their offerings during the planning stage.

The period between late December through the end of February is typically our slow time because of the holidays and the threat of winter weather. We plan on reducing our Club hours to two days a week (possibly Tuesdays and Thursdays). We will post the hours open on our phone answering greeting for you to coordinate a visit or pose a question.

- The Travel Club Committee

Chicopee Senior Travel Club                                          Upcoming Events 

Travel Club Contact Information
Joyce Fisher        

Sandra Prejsner     Treasurer

Ann Sweeney         Secretary

Ron Milkay             Computer Support

 Hours:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, 
11:00 AM - 2:00 PM             
 Phone:  534-3698  Ext. 113

 The current status of events can be obtained by visiting, calling or e-mailing the Travel Club. The RiverMills Reminder is issued every other month and an event could be wait-listed before it appears in the latest issue. Phone # 413-534-3698 X113 ; Email address:

PARKING: When taking a trip, please park in the last two rows of the lower level parking lot. Bus pick-up will be at the building entrance and drop off will be at the last two rows of the lot. Handicap parking is available with a handicap sticker closer to the building. All travelers must be independent and able to care for themselves while on a trip.

Senior Travel Club Upcoming Events