Pools and Spray Parks

Spray Parks 2023
*Free to the public*
-Locations currently open: Lincoln Grove, Dana,  Sarah Jane, Fairview, Williams, Rivers, Wisniowski, and Ray Ashe 
-OPEN 7 days a week

Ray Ash Pool
Monday - Sunday 12:00PM - 6:00PM 

Season Passes are to be purchased online at www.chicopeerec.com  
Cost $15.00 Res, $25.00 Non-Res

Senior passes or Disabled passes must be purchased at the Office  (Cash is only accepted in office & ID and Handicap identification must be given)

Cost $5.00 Res, $10.00 Non-Res  

- PLEASE NOTE: NO REFUNDS ONCE PASSES HAVE BEEN PURCHASED If you Purchase online please print your receipt & bring it to pool to get in until you pick up your badge(s) from our office.
- Seasonal Passes can be picked-up at the Chicopee Parks Department office at 687 Front St. 

DAILY RATES at the pool
$3.00/Person                   $5.00/Person            
CHILDREN under 2 Free   


All persons entering the pool area must register AND PAY ADMISSION with the bathhouse attendant regardless if they are swimming or not.

All persons MUST take a cleansing shower before entering the pool area. Any bather who leaves the swimming pool to use e restroom shall take a second shower before returning to the pool area.

Any person who has a communicable disease, a skin disease or is wearing a medical covering of any kind shall not be permitted to use the pool.

Youth under the age of 14 are NOT allowed admission to the pool area without the accompaniment of an adult guardian also in the pool area.

Floaties, arm wings, bubbles or any other floatation device are NOT permitted. Coast Guard approved life jackets may be worn properly with adult supervision in the water with the participant in the life jacket.  Swimmers with a life jacket are NOT permitted in the “deep end” of the pool under any circumstance.

All toys including but not limited to snorkels, beach balls, sports balls, and diving toys are NOT allowed to be used in the pool area

All FOOD AND DRINK items are NOT permitted in the pool area including coolers.  Water in non-glass containers is permissible.

Umbrellas, chairs, and strollers are NOT permitted in the pool area.  Prior notification to the Parks Office with a doctor’s note is the only exception.

Diapered babies and children who have not been toilet trained MUST have a swim Diaper on underneath a bathing suit in order to be able to use the pool.

No Pictures or videotaping of participants without a waiver/consent of an adult responsible for the participants.

No horseplay including but not limited to running, splashing, flips, helicopters, backwards jumps, backwards dives, cartwheels, running jumps or use of the diving board is permitted. No pushing in the pool area.

Absolutely NO DIVING is permitted off the deck into the shallow areas of the pool.  This includes “belly flops”

No speakers or radios are allowed in the pool area to ensure clear communication from the pool staff

Swim tests may be administered per lifeguard discretion to ensure swimming proficiency

All pool rules and regulations delivered by pool staff not on this list are also to be adhered to.

Anyone who violates the above regulations may have their pool privileges revoked for that day or longer by the supervising staff. Failure to obey a pool staff member’s direction may cause privileges to be revoked for that day or longer.