Multifamily Incentive Program

​Program Description

Managing City Department: Department of Planning & Development
Funding Source: City of Chicopee (Municipal)


This home ownership incentive program is focused on proliferating owner-occupancy of multi-family housing in the City of Chicopee. The program is specific to the purchase and occupancy of legal three-family structures.


• $16,000.00 no interest loan from the City of Chicopee applied toward the down payment or closing costs on a multi-family property within the City

• Annual forgiveness of $1,000.00 of loan granted for sixteen years provided that owner continues to occupy property as primary residence and maintains condition


  1. Search online real estate database websites for available listings of legal three-family homes in the City of Chicopee
  2. Pursue home financing options through a lender
  3. Contact Planning Department to confirm property is a qualifying three-family home
  4. Upon qualification by the City of desired property, submit the following documents for submission to the City for approval:
    • Purchase and Sale Agreement;
    • Uniform Loan Application;
    • Lender Commitment Letter;
    • Lender Underwriting Analysis; and
    • Property Appraisal
  5. Upon notification of approval of above documents, proceed to closing on property
  6. After closing on the property and recording of the deed, submit the following documents for submission to the City:
    • Three originals of the Loan Agreement (one will be returned to you upon signature by the Mayor);
    • Recorded Mortgage;
    • Promissory Note;
    • Homeowner’s Insurance Policy; and
    • Multifamily Program Agreement
  7. Resubmit a copy of the Homeowner’s Insurance Policy to the City annually for sixteen (16) years as proof of continued occupancy in order to continue the process of loan forgiveness


Compliance Requirements for Accessing Multifamily Loan Program:

  • Qualifying properties must be legal three-family homes within the boundary of the City of Chicopee
  • Properties must be deemed legal three-families by the Building Department and the Planning Department
  • Owner must submit appropriate documents to the City and follow procedure in accordance with City guidelines
  • Owner must continue to occupy property to receive annual $1,000.00 forgiveness of loan
  • Owner must resubmit Homeowner’s Insurance Policy to continue loan forgiveness
Should you have questions about or interest in this program, please contact:

Lee Pouliot, Director
(413) 594-1515