Online Permits and Licenses System

Permit Management System

Welcome to the City of Chicopee electronic Permit Management System. This system allows you to apply and pay online for permits, view sign-offs and enables a process review for numerous online permit submittals.

Please choose the appropriate tab for the type of permit or license your are seeking. Currently we have the Building and Fire Department's permits online. The Building Department issues building, electrical, gas and plumbing permits. It also issues certificates of occupancy. You can also fill Applications for Fire Department Permits and Requests for Fire Department Inspections. More permits and licenses will be added in the future.

If you are new to our system, we suggest you take  moment to read some information found on the GENERAL INFORMATION tab.

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  2.  Building Permits
  3. Fire Department Permits
  4. Health Dept Permits

General Information


Welcome to the City of Chicopee Electronic Permit And Licensing Management System.  This system allows you to apply and pay online for permits and licenses, view sign-offs, and enables a process review for numerous online permit submittals.  The following are permits and licenses that can be obtained online; Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Gas, Certificates of Occupancy, Applications for Fire Department Permits and Requests for Fire Department Inspections.  Additional online applications for permits and licenses will be available in the future.

Depending on Permit type you must set up an account to use the system; the process takes less than five minutes.  If you do not have access to a computer, there are numerous public computers at the Library.  A public computer kiosk is available at the Building Department at 115 Baskin Drive, 2nd Floor.  Please read the instructions carefully to set up and use your account.  As permits and licenses are added, you will find links to help you set up an account based on the permit you seek under the department tab.  For Building and Fire Department permits go to department's corresponding tab.  For other permit applications that are not online yet, please see the appropriate department for application help.

There is a link under the Building Tab review issued permits that does not require you to have an account.

Currently, the following computer browsers are supported for use with this application:

Internet Explorer Versions 7, 8, 9, 11 and 10 (used in compatibility mode)

Firefox Versions 3 and 9,and Google Chrome.

Future support for Smartphone and Tablet browsers may also be available.  Should you have issues accessing the website links supplied, please be sure you are utilizing one of the supported internet browser versions.  Pop-up blockers and browser security settings for Internet Explorer may need to be adjusted to use the full functionality of the program; these include “Active-X” options and “File download prompt” settings.

All additional permit documentation, IE: drawings, maps or plans must be scanned into a PDF format and attached to the on-line permit application.  The maximum file size that can be submitted is 10 MB.

Please Note: Once you have filled out a permit or license application and submitted it electronically it is only in a preliminary stage.

Permit applications can be completed and paid for in person or you may choose to apply and pay online with a MasterCard, Discover card or electronic check, and possibly print your permit depending on permit type.  All permits must be kept on the job site. You are responsible to produce a physical copy of the approved drawings and have the approved drawings on site.

Inspection times will be set up at the discretion of the Inspectors.