Public Peace & Welfare

Noise (200-2, 200-6)
Unreasonable, loud and unnecessary noise is prohibited including:
  • Construction or demolition prior to 7 a.m. and after 9 p.m. on weekdays
  • Discharge of exhaust without a muffler
  • Drums, loudspeakers, and similar instruments
  • Excessive noise near schools, hospitals, churches, or court house
  • Loud noises over 70 decibels or more for a period of 4 hours or more
  • The repeated sounding of horns and signaling devices
  • Shouting or crying of vendors which disturbs the peace of the neighborhood
  • Unnecessarily noisy vehicles
  • Unnecessary noise in the conduct or operation of a business
Enforcement - Police Department | Building Department | Health Department
Fines: 1st violation in 12 month period is $50
    2nd violation is $100
    3rd violation is $300
Rude & Disorderly Conduct (243-30)
No person shall behave in a rude or disorderly manner or use any indecent, profane or insulting language in any street, lane, alley or other public place in the city or near any dwelling house.
Enforcement - Police Department

Curfews (139-1)
Persons under 17 years of age may not remain in a public place from 11 p.m. until 6 a.m. on weeknights, and from midnight until 6 a.m. on weekends. Exemptions include, but are not exclusive of those persons who are:
  • Married
  • Attending a sponsored function
  • Traveling through the city
  • On public property in front of their own home
  • Responding to a verifiable emergency
  • Peacefully exercising 1st Amendment rights
Enforcement - Police Department
Fine - Up to $500