Motor Vehicles

Auto Sales
When a car is sold, notify the Assessors' Office by sending a copy of the plate return receipt or a copy of the new registration showing a plate transfer. If you receive a bill for a car you no longer own, do not ignore it. Contact the Assessors' Office at 413-594-1430 as soon as possible.

Change of Address
If the address of a vehicle owner changes, the Registry of Motor Vehicles should be notified within 30 days. Registry of Motor Vehicles telephone number is 800-858-3926.

Abandoned &/or Unregistered Vehicles (262-1, MGL 90 Chapter 22b, MGL Chapter 111 S123)
Generally, no one, except a licensed salvage yard or commercial garage, is permitted to store or park for more than 5 days an abandoned, disassembled or inoperable vehicle.
Enforcement - Building Department
Fine - $50/day

Unregistered Vehicles (275-51)
No more than one unregistered operable vehicle shall be allowed on Residential A or B zoned property.
Enforcement - Health Department
Fine - $25/day

Motorized Vehicles on Dike System (142-2)
On the entire dike system of the Connecticut River basin area and the service road of the toe of the Dike Road all motor vehicles, including snowmobiles, motorbikes etc. shall be prohibited.
Fine - $300/day