Fence Regulations

In addition to the zoning reference below, you need to make sure of the following:

   - Fences can be on the line and up to 6’ without a permit

   - Fences can be up to 8’ WITH a permit

   - Fences that go beyond the front of the building have to be 3.5 feet or less

          o 4’ if open chain link

   - Fences can not go on city property

          o The curb is not the property line, it is most likely set back multiple feet from curbing

Fences § (275-44) Fences, including hedges, may be no higher than 3 ½ feet high between the street and the setback line (front of the foundation), where in the opinion of the Building Commissioner, they would obstruct visibility. From the front of the foundation towards the back of the property, the fence can be as high as 8 feet. Fences shall be of a safe, non hazardous construction not likely to endanger the health or safety of the public. The fence may be installed on the property line, and there are no rules as to which side faces out for a stockade fence. If you live on a corner lot, no fence may be erected or vegetation may be maintained above a height of 3 ½ feet above the curb grade for a distance of 20 feet along the property line in either direction of the intersection of adjoining streets. Please refer to the diagram below. (275-33)

Fence Ordinance Illustration