Youth Programs

ART–ventures for Kids at Home

A Whimsical Supplement for your Art-Enrichment Needs Series One

 Monday & Wednesday 4/8 to 5/4 virtual classes will be Class is 11am-12pm 

Artful Anecdotes and Crafty Creations
Bendy Paper Lizard
Create, Assemble and decorate fun 3-D Lizards out of Construction Paper.  

Coffee Filter Flowers with Tin Can Vase
Use watercolor to turn coffee filters into floral works of art. Then, decorate tin cans to display them!

Create a Scene Collage
Choose an image from a magazine cutting, then use your imagination to add details and a background.

Castle Building
Use recycled items from around the house to build and decorate your own castle.

Winslow Homer Seascape
Turn a 2-D work of art into 3-D by adding folded paper boats to a seascape drawing.

Salt Dough Mask
Use items already in your kitchen to create your own clay, then sculpt into masks in the style of Kimmy Cantrel.

Superhero Self Portrait
Draw yourself as your favorite superhero! 

Rain Stick
Build & decorate your very own rain sticks!

The fee is $99  for 8 sessions of virtually-lead art fun! Register Now! at Please use CODE ChicopeePr when registering

Here is the direct link to register for the program

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