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The 2023 Travel Club season officially started on January 22 with an Appreciation Lunch. The food and service were great and all enjoyed the music. Some even danced. 110 qualifying members were invited and 76 attended. Our February Calendar showcased 10 events. Two busses were necessary to accommodate members on the Atlantic City Trip. We have adopted a “something for everyone” policy in our planning and hope it is appreciated.

The following events are currently opened:

 We are well into our 2023 Travel Club season with 9 events open for your traveling pleasure. We try to vary the events between Lunch Matinee shows, Day Cruises and perennial favorites like the Sand Castle Contest at Hampton Beach and Sight and Sound Theater. The North Shore Music Theatre with lunch at the Danversport Yacht Club is becoming a popular destination. We will be attending three events there this year ending with Dickins’ “Christmas Carol.” 

The following events are currently open: 

Bee Gees “Staying Alive” at the Aqua Turf  (Monday, May 22)

Hampton Beach/ Sand Castle Contest (Saturday, June 17)

Harbor Cruise & Sights – Portland, Maine (Thursday, July 6)

Lighthouse Cruise/ Long Island Sound  (Tuesday, July 18)

Escape to Margaritaville/ North Shore Theatre (Wednesday, August 16)

Herkimer Diamond Mine & Erie Canal Cruise (Monday, September 18)

Elvis: A Musical Revolution/ North Shore Music Theatre (Wednesday, November 8)

 The following events are being considered:

Charles River Cruise & Lunch or Lighthouse Mystic Cruise, Whale Watch, North Shore Theater (Elvis), Red Sox at Fenway, Virginia Beach, Herkimer Mine and Erie Canal Cruise, Day Trip to Salem MA, Providence, Rhode Island, Newport Playhouse, Log Cabin Dinner and Show.

Travel Club Contact Information
Joyce Fisher        

Sandra Prejsner     Treasurer

Ann Sweeney         Secretary

Ron Milkay             Computer Support

 Hours:  Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM             
 Phone:  534-3698  Ext. 113

 The current status of events can be obtained by visiting or calling the Travel Club. The RiverMills Reminder is issued every other month and an event could be wait-listed before it appears in the latest issue. Phone # 413-534-3698 X113.

PARKING: When taking a trip, please park in the last two rows of the lower level parking lot. Bus pick-up will be at the building entrance and drop off will be at the last two rows of the lot. Handicap parking is available with a handicap sticker closer to the building. All travelers must be independent and able to care for themselves while on a trip.

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