Pools and Spray Parks

Spray Parks 2020

*Free to the public*

-Locations currently open: Rivers, Sarah Jane, Fairview, Williams and Szot. Ray Ashe is under construction.

-Hours 10:00-5:00, Closed 1:00-2:00 for staff lunch

-Open 7 days a week

-In the event of inclement weather, the spray will be cleared until it is determined safe to re-enter

-Maximum capacity of 25 people in the spray at all times

-If capacity is reached, a time limit will be instituted to let all enjoy the water

-Please always maintain social distancing

-No running, climbing on a spray apparatus, laying on ground

-Staff will strictly enforce all rules


1. All persons entering the pool must stop and sign in with the bath house attendant.

   2. No one under the age of 14 will be allowed to swim without legal adult supervision (18 + years of age)

   3. All persons entering the pool must either show their facility badge to the bathhouse attendant on duty or purchase a one day pass (cash only). Badges will have specific ID numbers and markings. No person will be allowed admittance without a badge or a one day pass. Participants are required to wear the facility badge while in the pool and pool area at all times.

  4. All persons MUST take a cleansing shower before entering the pool area. Any bather who leaves the swimming pool for the purpose of using the toilet facilities shall take a second cleansing shower before returning to the pool area.

 5. Any person who has a communicable disease, a skin disease, or is wearing a medical covering of any kind shall not be permitted to use the pool.

 6. Diapered babies and children who have not been toilet trained must have a swim diaper on underneath their swim suit.

 7. New for 2019 FOOD, animals, lawn chairs, baby carriages, baby strollers, flotation devices, radios and glass bottles are not allowed in the pool, deck and grass area at Ray Ash.

  8. Cut-off or street clothes are not permitted in the swimming pool.

  9. Absolutely no diving is permitted off the deck into the shallow areas of the pools.

10. All persons must be 42 inches tall to swim in the large pool. Children who do not meet this height requirement must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to the pool. Children with questionable swimming abilities will be required to swim the width of the pool before being allowed in the deeper water areas. If questionable ability they Must wear a Coast Guard Approved Life Jacket.

11. No floatation Devices or Water Wings that are NOT COAST Guard Approved will be allowed in the pool. Non-Swimmers require direct supervision in the water by an adult within an arm’s length distance.

12. NO profanity, racial slurs, or verbal harassment of any kind allowed in pool area.

13. Participants should never enter the water unless lifeguards are on duty and in guarding position.

14. Any harassment of the pool staff will result in IMMEDIATE EXPULSION. Anyone who violates the above regulations may have their pool privileges revoked for that day or longer by the supervising staff.