Information for Dog Owners

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As a dog owner, you can help prevent contamination of local waterways and parklands from dog waste by picking up after your dog. After picking up the dog waste, it should be placed in a trash receptacle or a place specifically reserved for dog waste. Never throw dog waste into the grates in the street - these grates are catch basins, which are part of Chicopee’s underground storm drain system.

Why Scoop?

Pet waste contains potentially harmful microorganisms which can cause stomach illness and rashes in humans. Pet waste that is not scooped up or is dumped down a catch basin can get flushed directly into storm drains. These storm drains discharge directly to Willimansett Brook, Abbey Brook, and the Chicopee and Connecticut Rivers. Thousands of people boat, fish and use these water bodies recreationally every year.

If you see someone dumping pet waste into a storm drain, please report it immediately to WPC at 413-594-3585.