New Construction, Addition & Alterations
Before starting a building project, including alterations, pools, or outbuildings call the Building Department at 413-594-1440.

Unsecured Buildings (CMR 708 S.121)
Unused, uninhabited or abandoned buildings should not be accessible to trespassers. To report unsecured or unsafe buildings call the Building Department at 413-594-1440.

Dividing Lots
Creating additional lots from 1 existing lot may require a new deed, a survey plan called a Subdivision Approval Not Required plan, Subdivision approval, or other legal actions by the Board of Appeals and the Planning Board. Contact the Planning Department for further information at 413-594-1515.
Fee - Varies with action.

Fences (275-44)
Residential fences must be no higher than 3.5 feet in height from the setback line to the street line and may be as high as 8 feet from the setback line to the rear on the side lines and across the back of the property. Fences must not obstruct views so as to deny safe access to the property and abutting property. Fences may be placed just inside the property boundary and there is no law regarding how they must face. Be a good neighbor and turn the finished side of the fence toward the outside. Remember, when you fence your yard, you are partially fencing all the yards that border your fence.
Enforcement - Building Department

Good Housekeeping (169-9)
Property owners are responsible for maintaining their property and keeping it in a clean and sanitary condition, free from garbage and refuse.
Enforcement - Board of Health

Sidewalks/Tree Belts (169-12)
Owners are required to keep the sidewalks and tree belts free from obstructions and litter.
Enforcement - Department of Public Works | Building Department

Overgrowth on Land (243-38)
The owner or person in control of a parcel of land is required to keep the property free from overgrowth. Any growth over twelve inches is considered overgrowth.
Enforcement - Health Department
Fine - $50

Housing Improvement Programs
The City of Chicopee sponsors a variety of housing assistance programs that are funded by the Office of Community Development. Low interest loans are available for assisting city residents and property owners in the following:
  • Correcting code violations
  • De-leading
  • Home repairs
  • Making housing handicapped accessible
  • Purchasing for 1st-time homebuyers
  • Renovating
Those interested in more information should contact the Chicopee Office of Community Development at 413-594-1490.