Boards & Commissions

  1. Ambulance Commission

    The Commission shall have the power to study the rates for ambulance service and, from time to time, shall recommend a rate schedule to the Board of Alderman, who shall establish ambulance service rates.

  2. Board of Appeals

    The Board of Appeals shall have the following powers to hear and decide appeals where it is alleged by the applicant for a permit that there is an error in any order or decision made by the Building Commissioner and to authorize, upon petition, variances from the provisions of this chapter.

  3. Board of Health

    The Chicopee Board of Health is a three member committee appointed by the mayor and approved by the Chicopee Board of Aldermen.

  4. Board of Registrars

    Board of Registrars is responsible for registering voters, making listing of residents and voters, certifying nomination papers and petitions, processing absent voter registrations, administrating election recounts, issuing proof of residency and accepting U.S. passport applications.

  5. Cable TV Advisory Committee

    The Chicopee Cable TV Advisory Committee acts in an advisory capacity to the Mayor in matters relating to cable television in Chicopee.

  6. City Council Committee Assignments

    City Council Sub-Committee Assignments

  7. Claims & Accounts

    Review the agendas and minutes for this board.

  8. Commission for the Disabled

    The Commission for the Disabled researches local problems of people with disabilities and coordinates its activities with other local groups organized for similar purposes.

  9. Committee of the Whole

    Review the agendas and minutes for this committee.

  10. Community Development Committee

    Review the agendas and minutes for this committee.

  11. Conservation Commission

    Learn about voting for conservation changes in the community.

  12. Council on Aging

    Review the agendas and minutes for this committee.

  13. Cultural Council

    The Chicopee Cultural Council is a community based group of individuals that promote the building of a stronger community, improve the quality of life and education and foster economic growth through expanded awareness and understanding of the arts, humanities and interpretive sciences.

  14. Education Committee

    Review the agendas and minutes for this committee.

  15. Emergency Management Advisory Committee

    The Emergency Management Advisory Committee was responsible for making recommendations to the City's emergency response preparation and training.

  16. Energy Conservation

    The Energy Conservation Commission scrutinizes all aspects of energy use in the City of Chicopee and develops comprehensive energy saving policies to be approved by the Mayor and the Board of Aldermen.

  17. Fairview Cemetery

    The Fairview Cemetery Commission has charge and control over all public cemeteries owned by the city and makes regulations relative to the care and use of the cemeteries as they deem necessary.

  18. Finance Committee

    Review the agendas and minutes for this committee.

  19. Golf Commission

    The Chicopee Country Club is a municipal course, owned and operated by the City of Chicopee.

  20. Historical Commission

    The Historical Commission is charged with the preservation, protection and development of the historical or archeological assets of the City.

  21. Housing Authority

    The Chicopee Housing Authority was created to clear substandard, decadent or blighted open areas and to provide housing for families or elderly persons of low income.

  22. License Commission

    Find out who the members of this commission are.

  23. Mobile Home Rent Control Board

    The Mobile Home Rent Control Board shall regulate rents and set standards for use or occupancy of mobile home park accommodations and eviction therefrom; it may require registration by owners of mobile home parks, and may require information of owners relating to their parks, under penalties of perjury.

  24. Municipal Lighting Board

    Read about the Municipal Lighting Board, view member information, and meeting minutes.

  25. Page Trust Advisory Board

    The duties of the Trustees shall be to defray the educational expenses of deserving boys and girls who are graduates of the Chicopee High School, in accordance with the terms of the Irving H. Page and Alice J. Page Trust Fund.

  26. Parks Commission

    The Parks Commission oversees land and buildings that the city provides as or for a public park, playground or recreational purpose.

  27. Planning Board

    Get information about the Planning Board of Chicopee.

  28. Retirement Board

    View members of the Retirement Board and access board meeting agendas and minutes.

  29. Safety & Health Committee

    The Human Resources Department is committed to providing the City of Chicopee's municipal employees a safe and healthy workplace.

  30. School Committee

    This link will take you to the School Committee Information found at the Chicopee Public Schools website. You will also be able to access the School Committee Agendas and Minutes from their site.

  31. Senior Citizen Committee

    Review all the agendas and minutes for this committee.

  32. Sewer Commission

    The Sewer Commission shall have the power to set the sewer rates subject to approval of the City Council.

  33. Taxation Aid Committee

    The Taxation Aid Committee is responsible for the administration of funds donated by City taxpayers to assist Chicopee residents who are senior citizens or disabled and who qualify financially for assistance in paying their city taxes.

  34. Utilities Committee

    Review the agendas and minutes for this committee.

  35. Veterans' Advisory Board

    The Chicopee Veterans' Advisory Board was created to render such assistance to the Director of Veterans' Services of the municipality as the director may request.

  36. Water Commission

    The Board of Water Commissioners shall, under the general direction of the Mayor and City Council, have charge of the construction, alteration and care of all water pipes and water fixtures owned by the city and may make all necessary repairs and extensions; shall have general control and care of all buildings and structures used exclusively by the Water Department, and shall keep the same in repair.

  37. Westover Metropolitan Development Corporation

    Westover Metropolitan Development Corporation is a quasi-public development corporation created in 1974 to convert former military property at Westover Air Force Base to civilian use.

  38. Zoning Committee

    Review the agendas and minutes for this committee.