Curbside Recycling Guidelines

The City offers a SINGLE STREAM curbside collection program.

This allows residents the ability to combine ALL RECYCLABLES into the green recycling cart.


  • Newspaper, inserts, magazines, junk mail, envelopes, paper bags
  • Cardboard boxes (flattened), soft cover books, phone books, catalogs
  • Gift, cereal, shoe, and frozen dinner boxes. ‘CLEAN’ pizza boxes
  • Milk cartons, juice boxes and cartons
  • Paper egg cartons, Shredded paper in clear plastic or paper bags
  • Wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue wrap, greeting cards
  • Glass jars and bottles
  • Aluminum, steel, and tin cans/containers. ‘CLEAN’ aluminum foil
  • Plastic tubs, wide-mouth containers
  • Plastic bottles and jugs


  • Hangers, light bulbs, plastic bags
  • ‘Dirty’ pizza boxes
  • ‘Dirty’ paper products (plates, napkins, towels, kleenex)
  •  Styrofoam, tinsel, bows, ribbons
  •  Ceramic/clay flower pots, dishes, pyrex
  •  Scrap metal, small appliances
  •  Glasses, plastic utensils
  •  Pots and pans
  •  Food or liquid