Rubbish Collection

Rubbish Reminders
  • Please use 32-gallon maximum rubbish barrels for trash or yard waste and keep each type of waste separate from each other by at least 3 feet when putting out curbside for collection.
  • Leave covers on trash barrels and off barrels of yard waste.
  • All items must be out for pickup by 7 a.m. and accessible for workers, not in snow banks or behind parked vehicles.
  • Please use the City-provided green recycling carts on wheels for recycling. To request one, please contact the DPW at 413-594-3557.
  • Bulk waste items including all kinds of appliances/white goods, tires, computers and electronics, or any type of hazardous waste cannot and will not be picked up curbside in accordance with State DEP regulations. Please refer to Landfill Information for bulk waste disposal options.
  • Structural wood and scrap metal are banned from landfills throughout Massachusetts. These materials cannot be picked up curbside by Chicopee Sanitation trucks. Self-haul to drop-off area at the landfill.
  • Please donate clothes (any condition OK except paint or grease soaked material) to the Salvation Army, Goodwill, or to various drop-off boxes located throughout the City.