Departments A-G

  1. Assessor's Office

    The Chicopee Board of Assessors plays a major role in promoting the effective financial management of Chicopee.

  2. Auditing Department

    The Auditing Department is responsible for the verification of decentralized payroll, accounts payable, budgets and other accounting services for all the city's departments.

  3. Building Department

    The Building Department is responsible for issuing building permits, certificates of occupancy, certificates of inspection, reviewing building plans for local zoning compliance and also code compliance, inspecting buildings and structures for safety and compliance with all applicable laws and codes.

  4. Chicopee Public Library

    Since 1853, the Chicopee Public Library has taken pride in bringing the best services and information to the residents of the City of Chicopee.

  5. City Clerk

    Review the duties of the city clerk and access related forms and documents.

  6. City Council

    As the legislative body of the city, the goal of the City Council of Chicopee is to maintain fiscal stability and provide the necessary ordinances for the good of the city and its residents.

  7. Collector's Office

    Review the types of bills collected by the Collector's Office and how to make payments.

  8. Community Development

    The Office of Community Development seeks to develop strong, sustainable communities by promoting an integrated approach designed to provide decent housing, a suitable living environment, and expanded economic opportunities for low and moderate income citizens.

  9. Council on Aging (COA)

  10. Department of Public Works

    The Chicopee Department of Public Works preserves, maintains, and improves the City's infrastructure, including streets, sidewalks, trees, parks, cemeteries, signs, traffic signals, sewers, and storm drains.

  11. Electric Light Department

    The Chicopee Electric Light Department works to provide reliable, high quality services to the community at the lowest cost.

  12. Emergency Management Department

    The Emergency Management Department is in charge of emergency management and preparedness for the City of Chicopee.

  13. Engineering Department

    The Engineering Department is responsible for surveys, measurements, levels, plans, and more regarding public structures in the City of Chicopee.

  14. Fire Department

    The mission of the Chicopee Fire Department is to provide the residents, businesses and visitors of the City of Chicopee with efficient and effective fire protection, fire prevention programs and emergency medical services.

  15. Golf Course

    View general golf course information, upcoming events, recent news, contact information and recent photos.